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Zenyum White

Medical Grade
Effective in 10 days

HKD 2,800

Step Up and Shine

They did! You can too.

Bright, brighter, brightest

Discover the difference

Your Whitening Journey

Order a Starter Kit and follow these steps:

Step 1:
Your personalised 3D-printed whitening tray for a perfect fit around your teeth

Done professionally at a Hong Kong licensed dental clinic

Step 2:
Delivered to your doorstep

Delivered in just 10-14 days

Step 3:
Effective with maximum
results in just 10 days

For just 75 minutes over 10 days

Putting a priority on safety

How safe is it?
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Medical-grade whitening gel (from USA)
+ Dentist supervision
= You’re in good hands!

Did we say a soothing gel is provided? It coaxes away any sensitivities you may experience. We’ve got this covered, too.

Guaranteeing brighter smiles

How well does it work?
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Zenyum White really works! Get whiter teeth that last for 6 months in 10 days. Psst…don’t be bamboozled by LED lights and OTC stuff. They merely look fancy.

Ensuring maximum comfort

How does it feel?
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It’s a comfy fit! Thanks to the wonders of 3D-printing, your whitening tray matches your teeth perfectly and prevents gel spillover. Simply wear it, sit back and chill. All in the comfort of home.

Making sure the price is right

How affordable is it?
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Compared to other dentist-supervised treatments, Zenyum White is 70% more affordable. Who said teeth whitening is expensive? Show them this!

Dishing the dirt on stains

Why do teeth turn yellow?
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That daily cuppa. Your favourite munchies. A tobacco habit. And even age. These are some things that discolour teeth over time. We say enough! Stand up to pesky stains.

What People are Saying...

5/5 stars based on 4 reviews

14 February 2020

Normally have sensitive teeth, but the gel was great, with minimal sensitivity that went away when I used the desensitising gel included. Results could be seen very quickly as well – took 3 days. Also, as a broke student, the price is super friendly for my wallet.

14 February 2020

Very easy and quick to apply. Didn’t experience any side effects so far! Visible improvement within a few days. Would be great if it comes with more remineralization gels

12 February 2020

I really like Zenyum White. I’ve tried several whitening products before and this is the first time I didn’t experience sensitivities. Results were visible after only two applications and it’s nice to know that a dentist and the Zenyum team are taking care of me!

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Reminders to live by: Call your mum. Clean your room. Eat your greens. And one last thing. Care for your teeth. Better yet, keep them white and bright.

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