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Zenyum White

Zenyum White

Medical-grade and dentist-supervised? Absolutely. Impressive results at a smile-inducing price? Definitely. Makes your feel-good levels skyrocket? Certainly. You’re just a few steps away from starting your whitening journey!

Your questions about Sonic answered

Harness the true power of a sonic electric toothbrush – with vibrations over 30,000 times a minute, and a speed that’s ten times faster than your typical electric toothbrush, experience a whole new way of brushing your teeth.

Zenyum Sonic produces microbubbles and pressure waves that effectively target and reduce tartar and plaque buildup in hard-to-reach areas.

Be spoilt for choice with our three different brush modes and intensities, tailored to your every need.

CLEAN: Looking for a deep cleaning experience? Get a good ol’ cleaning of your teeth that gets into all the crooks and crannies your manual toothbrush could never reach.
GENTLE: Have sensitive teeth? Get your teeth squeaky clean at a reduced intensity that’s comfortable for your teeth.
WHITE: Want to get those stubborn coffee stains off? Polish those pearly whites and get them their shine back!

A worn brush head doesn’t clean effectively and can even damage your gums – dentists recommend they need to be changed at least every three months! Our DuPont brush heads are soft, high quality and engineered to reduce plaque & tartar buildup.

Order a pack straight to your door or an automatic refill subscription as part of our Saver Plan. Cancel anytime after your first refill.

Never run out of juice mid-way brush again with Zenyum Sonic.
With our three week battery life and low battery reminders, immediately know when your toothbrush needs a quick charge.

What’s more, charge in between brushes with Zenyum Sonic’s wireless charging base.

With wireless charging, you’ll be back to full speed in no time!

Did we also mention that it’s fully waterproof?

Facing an issue with Zenyum Sonic?
Don’t worry – we’ll replace it immediately under a one-year warranty, no questions asked.
Feel free to reach out to our friendly Smile Makers for further information!

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee with every Zenyum Sonic purchase.

What’s in the box

  1. Toothbrush Body
    The power engine behind it all for a brush your teeth will love
  2. Brush Head
    Soft, yet durable – delivering over 30,000 vibrations per minute
  3. Wireless Charger Base
    Low on battery?
    All you need for a quick charge

How To Use

Before you begin, gently brush and floss. And make sure your whitening tray is clean and dry.

1. Unlock and load

Uncap pen. Then twist it
to load brush with
whitening gel.

2. Adding some magic

Apply gel evenly
to inner surface
of tray.

3. A perfect fit

Wear tray firmly over
teeth and wipe off
excess gel.

4. Stains be gone

Wear tray for 1 hour. Then remove, rinse mouth and
shine bright!

5. The finishing touch

Use remineralising gel
after 5 days of whitening
to reduce sensitivity.

Shine Bright with Zenyum

Play Video
Play Video

What People are Saying...

4/5 stars based on 4 reviews

14 February 2020

Very easy and quick to apply. Didn’t experience any side effects so far! Visible improvement within a few days. Would be great if it comes with more remineralization gels

12 February 2020

I really like Zenyum White. I’ve tried several whitening products before and this is the first time I didn’t experience sensitivities. Results were visible after only two applications and it’s nice to know that a dentist and the Zenyum team are taking care of me!

9 February 2020

Customised tray was very comfortable and having my hands free allowed me to actually do my laundry while whitening my teeth. Price was also great!

Currently displaying 3 of 4 reviews

Your questions about Zenyum White answered

Carbamide Peroxide

Activated by water (saliva) and released gradually to whiten teeth safely.

Potassium Nitrate + Calcium Phosphate + Sodium Fluoride

Desensitises and balances pH levels in your mouth.

Mint Flavour

Gives a cool sensation and a fresh breath.

These lights might look all high-tech and fancy. But looks can be deceiving. Light activation has no whitening effect on teeth.

Read more about it in our blog post here.

Tooth be told. OTC kits aren’t dentist-approved. You use them at the risk of damaging your teeth.

But Zenyum White is different. Treatment is prescribed by a licensed dentist who guides you on proper usage.

Plus, a scan/impression needs to be done to create your 3D-printed whitening tray. It’s customised according to your teeth to ensure a snug fit with no gel spillage.

If you already have Zenyum Invisible Braces, you can use it as your whitening tray. Order only the whitening gel and skip the dental visit.

Your check-up and scan/impression are done free of charge.

But depending on the condition of your teeth, additional procedures such as scaling and polishing might be performed with extra costs.

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